Good Sportsmanship 

Thank you for being great sports! To reward you, the team with the highest sportsmanship score (graded from your peers during league) will be invited to a Sportsmanship tournament to compete for $1,000! All for being nice! 

If you have received an invitation and have not registered please click here

The roster eligible is the roster from the session in which you won. Your division number will have an 8 or a 9 in it signifying if it is your 8 ball or 9 ball roster. 

As far as rules go, it is a 5 man 23 point captains style of play.  If you are unclear of this style, we will discuss it there. It is a rotation of 8 and 9 ball, one rack each for a point. 

You need to play at your highest skill between 8 or 9 ball.

You can play with only 4 and forfeit a match.